Building community pride with the East Newman Street Blitz

The first East Newman Street Blitz was a great success thanks to the hard work and community spirit of local residents and volunteers.

More than 60 residents and 20 volunteers came together over two days in June to clean up public spaces and supported residents to clear front and backyards of a number of houses in East Newman.

This initiative was coordinated by Newman Futures as part of the Home in East Newman Activation Program, with support from Newman Women’s Shelter, Department of Communities, WA Police, Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation, Shire of East Pilbara and the Pilbara Regiment – Australian Army.

Through consultation with stakeholders and community members, the Street Blitz aimed at working together to reduce barriers that attributes to an increase in household waste.

Six skip bins were filled with an estimated 30 cubic metres of waste, including general household waste, mattresses, washing machines, damaged furniture, old TVs and green waste.

Approximately three cubic metres of bottles and cans were collected to be cashed in through the Containers for Change scheme.

Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation generously catered a barbecue lunch on both days to celebrate everyone’s efforts. This was a wonderful opportunity for the residents to connect with their neighbours and volunteers from local services.

As well as cleaning up the streets, other highlights from the Street Blitz included:

  • A number of East Newman residents had been collecting cans and bottles for Containers for Change but were unable to transport them to the depot to collect the refund. The team from Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation took their bags to the depot and ensured the funds were reimbursed into residents’ accounts.
  • One resident had been saving the cans and bottles to purchase a new washing machine and will now have enough money to do so.
  • A highlight for all involved was working together to clear out a front yard in East Newman. Five community members rallied together with 11 volunteers to support an unwell resident and cleared out rubbish, unwanted bulk items and green waste.
  • Earbus Foundation kindly volunteered their time to attend the barbecue lunch on Thursday and offered free ear checks for children and adults.

The event had great support from local businesses Cleanaway and Woolworths.

The Shire’s Waste Team also came along to the East Newman Activation Program’s weekly activities at Train Park to engage and educate children on waste management and recycling with fun and interactive games.

The East Newman Street Blitz is a great example of what is possible when community members and volunteers come together in support of a shared vision.

Following the success of the June Street Blitz, there has been a strong desire among stakeholders and community members to bring the community together and deliver more initiatives achieving these outcomes in East Newman.

Keep an eye out for what streets we will be blitzing next!


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