What is Newman Futures

Newman Futures was launched in 2019 to build a diverse economy that is inclusive to all.

Newman Futures was launched in 2019...

ushering in a new economic era in the Pilbara with the adoption of new technology changing production patterns, business models and the nature of work. These changes hold great promise as industry, government, stakeholders and the community build a common vision for inclusive and sustainable growth.

Strong and Connected

We know that a strong and connected community is essential to drive economic growth and diversity. A community where everyone feels included, valued and walks together with mutual respect is one that has the power to create transformational change in social and economic development.

Strategies to move forward

The strength of Newman Futures lies in common agreements and the commitment of stakeholders to work together to embrace opportunities. Together, we identified and developed four key strategies that will form the foundations to build a strong, cohesive and sustainable Newman for future generations.

Pathways for Change

From supporting local businesses and planning for East Newman, to mapping out education pathways for the future of work, discover the strategies and goals behind each pathway to building a diverse economy that is inclusive to all.

Governance Structure

The governance structure was initially co-designed with key stakeholders alongside their input into the Newman Futures strategy, and amended based on feedback received through stakeholder consultation.

The Newman Futures Project Partnership Group is responsible for the overall strategic direction and oversight of the project’s coordination and administration.

The Newman Futures Steering Committee connects resources, facilitates collaboration and co design to deliver identified priorities.

Newman Futures Task Teams are quick response oriented teams that are responsible for the development and co-design of agreed initiatives.

Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the project, we’d love to hear from you.