Cultural Compact

Promoting mutual respect and upholding Aboriginal culture in Newman.

This is our Dream Cultural Compact

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In June 2020 Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation (KNAC) and Jamukurnu Yapalikurnu Aboriginal Corporation (JYAC), supported by Newman Futures, came together to develop the Ngaa Ngayunkurnu Kapukurri.

The This Is Our Dream Cultural Compact, maps a new pathway of mutual respect for the town. It is a vision for upholding Aboriginal culture and traditions in Newman catalysing collaboration, unity, understanding and respect of Aboriginal values and encouraging local businesses and institutions to commit to more culturally responsive approaches.

The This is our Dream Cultural Compact maps a new pathway of mutual respect for the town, inviting individuals and organisations to join together. It is a journey towards a shared future of mutual respect, inclusive decision making, and greater opportunities for all in Newman.

Key Impacts


It’s the shared visions of collaborating organisations, clubs, local government and communities that form Newman Futures and deliver positive impacts for the people of Newman.

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