East Newman Activation Program

Bringing people together through engagement

East Newman Activation Program

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The beating heart of Newman Futures is engagement — projects and activations designed to bring together young people, families, service providers and stakeholders. Activations are diverse: fun, active, educational, and frequently health-related, but all designed to engage and draw the community into safe, public spaces together.

Activations are the tip of a larger mountain of strategies, initiatives and collaboration helping build a diverse and inclusive Newman economy and community, with innovation, technology, education, culture, and collaboration as its foundations.

East Newman Art Trail

Art tells a story, captures a moment, and can signify a time or a place.

Newman Futures have partnered with Martumili to create the East Newman Art Trail. The Trail showcases artworks from 30 local and emerging artists on BHP substations around East Newman.

Following your very own trail map, it is an opportunity to explore the artworks in the landscape of East Newman. Take the time to immerse yourself in the artists concept and story behind their artwork and allow your mind to create its own connections.

You can begin your journey anywhere along the Art Trail and each artwork has a unique QR code that when scanned will provide you with information about the artist and the inspiration behind their artwork.

It’s been a great experience to work alongside Martumili and BHP to bring life to the electrical substations throughout the East Newman community.

Now it’s your turn to visit the substations and share your experiences.

You can download the map here or check out this video to see how the artworks were installed.

Key Impacts

Impact Overview

Growing a safe, vibrant and connected East Newman

Increased interaction between indigenous and non-indigenous residents.


Community Engagements

Increased agency awareness, capacity and collaboration.


Approximate in-kind hours from participating partners

Meaningful engagement of children in productive activities.


Activities delivered

Nyiyaparli & Martu participation and co-design.


Indigenous organisations involved and continued consultation with indigenous participants

Activation of streetscape in East Newman.


Artworks featured in the East Newman Art Trail

Improved appearance of streetscape and residents' homes.


9m2 skip bins filled with waster during Street Blitzes

Improved knowledge of service providers and their services.


Organisations participated in the East Newman Activation Program

Improvement of health and wellbeing short term needs.


Healthy meals provided


Health and well-being activities delivered


It’s the shared visions of collaborating organisations, clubs, local government and communities that form Newman Futures and deliver positive impacts for the people of Newman.

Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the project, we’d love to hear from you.