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Come Together streaming on all major platforms!

This year we launched a brand new song, which incorporates Nyiyaparli language on Spotify and Apple Music!

“Come Together” is a collaboration between Nyiyaparli musicians Noel Taylor, Benjamin Nicholls and Bradley Hall. Produced by Red Country Management Pty Ltd, it is a celebration of language and culture in Newman.

The catchy tune is an initiative that came from the This is Our Dream Cultural Compact with the aim of bringing the community together through language, to encourage mutual respect and understanding.

The lyrics “Nyiya Warnima” mean “come together” in Nyiyaparli and “Parnpajinya” refers to the area on which Newman sits in Nyiyaparli language. Together, it translates to “Come together here in Newman”. You can download the song on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music, be careful however – it’s pretty catchy!

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