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Local organisations support young people to pursue music video

A highlight this year was Martu Patrol and Newman Women’s Shelter’s Be a Voice for Generations Youth Music Project!

Working alongside a number of other local organisations, the team at Martu Patrol brought Indigenous music artist Dallas Woods and his team at Grand Trine Creative to Newman for a week of song-writing, dance and music-video workshops.

The program allowed young people the opportunity to express themselves through arts, while also providing positive role models in Dallas and his team of dancers and videographers.

More than 40 young people attended the workshops on any given day and at the end of the week everyone celebrated with a showcase at the Town Square, where the kids’ original song and music video was premiered.

Newman Women’s Shelter manager Jai Newhouse said the workshops provided an incredible opportunity for young people.

“It was really awesome seeing the children coming out of their shells, seeing them come down every day after school with their bright faces and seeing all the organisations come together to help out, it was a really great outcome.”

Young people, including participant Marcus Mogridge, reported that the workshops helped build their confidence.  

“We wrote about what we love about Newman; going to Sandy Creek and having a swim playing footy. It’s important for kids to get involved to realise what we love about being here.” 

The Youth Music Project was a great example of the positive impact that can be made through collaboration, creativity and working towards the same goal. A big shoutout to The Y Remote School Attendance Strategy and PAMS who collaborated with Martu Patrol to organise the daily workshops. The Project was also supported by Newman Futures, HOPE Community Services, Shire of East Pilbara, Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and BHP.

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