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“Thanks Barb”

For most of the 24 years she has lived in Newman, Barb O’Driscoll has been closely involved in the Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, playing her part in advancing and promoting the town.

And that passion for her community is not likely to wane, even though she has stepped down as chamber president after many years in the chair to take up a new work opportunity in Jigalong.

“I’m not giving up my aspirations for Newman to go ahead,” she said. 

“Newman is home to me, but change is good, and it is time for the chamber to take a new direction.”

Barb is keen to see the group take a more proactive role in the community, and has hopes the innovation partnership agreement signed with BHP will invigorate the chamber and local businesses. She also sees activation of the town square for small business as a promising step.

Beyond that, she remains optimistic about the tourism potential of Newman, and is hopeful of a return to a formal TAFE presence in the town, which would greatly boost training opportunities for young people.

“There is so much potential in this town. It just needs someone to take advantage of it,” she said.

Barb is now working for the Puntukurnu Aboriginal  Medical Service in Jigalong.

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