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Building the Economy & the Future of Work Update

In late May a range of small business operators from Newman got together to talk about the future of work and the Newman economy. It was a spirited group of entrepreneurs who have developed and shaped their businesses over the years to suit emerging needs and opportunities in Newman.

Everyone was cognizant of changes coming down the line through industry 4.0. They were keen to explore opportunities, noting that technology can improve productivity and streamline processes. When a business is small, though, it is important to have support for implementing new technology. There’s often not an ‘IT Helpdesk’ in a small company and it would be great to have someone with these skills in town who can guide people through the IT roadblocks that we all face from time to time.

There was a lot of interest to attend ‘meet the buyer’ sessions and to explore the problems that big business face to help suggest solutions before the tender requirements are set. This is a really encouraging suggestion as closer collaboration will play an important part in reaping the benefits of industry 4.0.

Do you have some more ideas or would you like to join the conversation? Join us for our next Making Newman session on Thursday 27th June from 7.30 – 9.30am. At this session we will review the emerging roadmap for Newman Futures as it relates to small businesses in Newman.

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