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Newman Futures’ Stronger Together COVID-19 Facebook Group

We all know how well Australians come together to support each other at a time of crisis.  Our collective response to the recent unprecedented Bush Fire season is just one example of how quickly and willingly Aussies band together to help each other out when disaster strikes.  

Now, as we head into unchartered territory with the COVID – 19, working together to support, care for and connect with each other is even more important to ensure we remain strong and resilient through the crisis. 

The Newman Futures’ Stronger Together | COVID-19 Facebook Group has been created to help Newman people to connect and stay in touch with each other during the crisis. The Newman Futures’ Stronger Together | COVID-19 Facebook Group will provide a social support network platform for the Newman community and a safe space to ask questions, share support and information about the status of COVID-19 in Newman. 

The Stronger Together | COVID-19 Facebook Group will be moderated by Newman Futures to ensure that the information that is circulated remains factual and that community members remain supportive of one another.  Membership is open to all so please feel free to jump on board. 

We know that there is a strong community spirit that lies within Newman, and in times like these it is important that we stand together and look after one another.   

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