Haylee Guiver Driveway Project

Mental health is so important. And in a time that can feel overwhelming and scary, local photographer Haylee Guiver is here to help lighten our load for a moment.

Like everyone, Haylee knows this is a tricky time. “There’s the need for physical distancing, isolating ourselves at home, not to mention all our social media being covered in everything ‘corona’,” she says.

To spread some joy among the uncertainty, Haylee has started the #drivewayproject which will be kicking off this Saturday 4th of April 2020 from 4:30pm-6:30pm. She’ll be driving around town and capturing Newman residents in their driveways, whilst practising safe physical distancing in her car. “Don’t worry,” she says, “I have a great lens on my camera!”

The #drivewayproject isn’t about making a profit, Haylee says, it’s simply wanting to show others that we’re in this together and to showcase how the Newman community makes the best of any situation.

“Drag your couch out the front and have a drink or a picnic, ride scooters around with the kids, jump on the trampoline, or do some chalk drawings! Whatever it is that makes you happy. You can be as casual or quirky as you like! I’m sure there are people who have already got some hilarious ideas in mind. Let’s capture some goodies,” Haylee says.

The images will be shared online through Haylee’s social media page, Haylee Guiver Photography, and will also be available for download. Haylee hopes that the photos will be shared with loved ones around the world to show them we are doing okay, and will be able to be kept as keepsakes, so people will be able to look back on some of the funny family photos, and remember how they stayed stronger together.

If you’d like to be involved and you’re on Facebook, check out the event page for further details, or click here to download the PDF. You just need to let Haylee know your street name so she can come and find you! Through the Facebook event, she’ll also be letting everyone know on Friday evening the rough time she’ll be in your area. If you aren’t on social media and keen to get involved, send Haylee a text on 0400 040 583 or email her at haylee.guiver@outlook.com.

Want to keep track of this fantastic initiative and find out other creative ways the Newman community are supporting each other? Join the Newman Futures | Stronger Together COVID-19 Facebook page and get involved in the conversation!


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