Programming robots with some serious personality

Newman and South Newman primary school students have been busy building their digital literacy skills and directing robots around the classroom as part of the Newman Futures STEM innovation program, EducationFutures.

Launched in July, EducationFutures is a Newman Futures initiative, delivered by creative technology educators Fire Tech and co-designed with educators, industry and the local community to prepare the Newman community for the workforce of the future.

We headed into one of the EducationFutures classrooms to see what the students were up to. What we found was, in a word, genius! These primary school students were busy not only building, but coding robots.

And it wasnt just the sciences these kids had a firm grasp on – the artistic thought they put into the names of their creations was equally as impressive. There was Botty and Brian the Bot, Bluey, JJ, Cheese Boi, Jimmy, Bandit and of course, Matilda. 

When it came to conflict resolution between group members these kids also taught us a thing or two; paper scissor rocking their way seamlessly through any naming debates.  Definitely some future premiers, prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners and Mars colonists within this Newman classroom. 



There are many ways to get involved with the Newman Futures project. Check the Get Involved page for more information.